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Best Guide on Pregnancy & Post-Delivery "Beginning of Motherhood"|Garbh Sanskar|Healthy Pregnancy& Natural Delivery book for expecting Mothers|Delivery Planning|Father's guide|Mental Health|2nd Version  by  Dr. Rohit Dhingra 


The book would take you through:-

①Month-wise suggestions on Diet & Lifestyle

②Take your Nutritional supplements through diet

③Garbhsanskar (Indian Practices+Modern Science)

④Father’s role during pregnancy


Delivery readiness:-

①Know all about 18 Delivery positions

②What to put in your delivery day kit

④What are the signs of labour & how to find comfort in labour


Post Delivery care:-

★Diet & lifestyle upto 6 months after delivery

★Guide book on Baby care & Breastfeeding

★Recipes of all types of food items to be taken


A pregnancy book which appeals equally to both mothers & fathers especially if you are a first time parent. Pregnancy resources which tackles issues ranging from birthing options to prenatal screening of pregnancy bump & talking to the baby in the womb book.


The author has taken care to not share usual medical and entertaining information. He being a male supports pregnant women to practice motherhood with choice. He throughout the book instigates fathers to embrace fatherhood through seeking their well-defined role in their pregnancy journey.


The Book is also the cornerstone of Pregyanam, an umbrella organisation which is dedicated to providing each couple natural &am

Best Guide on Pregnancy & Post-Delivery

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