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to you, by Ahmed Iyad Yoosuf

The book is a personal collection of poems written by a young Maldivian. I found the 100 free-verse poems and prose a great addition to my library. Every single line was written with so much love. Undoubtedly that was the first thing I noticed in addition to the beautiful illustrations.

Books by the Ocean is excited to support Ahmed Iyad Yusuf by making this beautiful poem book available for instant purchase from our bookstore. We recommend this book to all those who loves poetry.

Details of the book as described by the author.

To say that this book is about romance is perhaps an oversimplification. As it was more of my own diary. It talks about many challenges I faced growing up as a teenager. Though unrequited love is the major theme of the contents, it also deals with family love, neglect, social and emotional relationships I had with my friends, peers, teachers, siblings, parents, etc. Furthermore, it also shows (in somewhat vivid detail) how I personally dealt with my own little array of mental disorders such as depression and insomnia. In all honesty, the book was never meant to happen; it was just a series of letters I wrote to the person I was head over heels in love with at the time- and I had never even planned to send them. Regardless, with a lot of encouragement from my friends, and a lot of painstaking effort (mainly from my editors and team who dealt patiently with me), it is what it is today.

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