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A Medium Rare Heart by Aminath Shirneem

This book is a deep and personal work of the author. It is courageously written and it was presented in such a way that I felt I was a front row spectator. I felt her emotions and related to some as well. The flow of the poems gave me a better understanding of her journey, her courage and how she experienced love to its fullest. I also felt the heartbreak and the difficulty of pushing herself from that incident to find and embrace the support system to truly love herself.

Loving oneself more, especially when your heart is broken and you have a lot of love to give, is not an easy thing. This book for me is a display of pure strength. To even put it out on paper is a form of strength rarely seen, and as a friend and colleague I adore the author and have nothing but praise for this book.

I look forward to her next book, and am actually very excited for everyone to read it.

- Hidha -

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